We are here to show that much of human consciousness can be seen, understood, explained, and expanded through brainwave research.

We Are an Oregon Non Profit and Have 501c3 Status Making Your Donations Tax Deductible.

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The Global Consciousness
Summit 2.0

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OCT 24th 2021
9am PST/12pm EST

The core intention of The Global Consciousness Summit is as true now as it was before – to permanently awaken humankind into a Higher Consciousness, ushering in an enduring Golden Age for all humanity.

Why We're Here

The Integrated Mind Research Institute (IMRI) was established to study neural oscillations, more commonly known as brainwaves. The human brain produces measurable waves across a wide spectrum of frequencies, each range representing specific states of neural consciousness. Through the lens of our brainwave research, we intend to prove that much of human consciousness can be seen, understood, explained, and expanded.

Our Mission

The ultimate aim of IMRI is three-fold:

What We Do

Our organization will conduct in-depth and elaborate research studies, working to improve upon both the current technology and our present scientific knowledge, allowing people to better understand how brainwaves work, and how they can work to improve them.
This endeavor will follow the pioneering work of Dr. James Hardt, who has been a leader in brainwave research for over 40 years. Building on the foundation of his decades of research, IMRI will be at the forefront of a new era of neuroscience