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OCT 24th 2021

The core intention of the Global Consciousness Summit is as true now as it was before - to permanently awaken humankind into a Higher Consciousness, ushering in an enduring Golden Age for all humanity.

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James Hardt
Doug Holt
Michael B
Shahab Anari

Meet Our Experts

James Hardt

Dr. James Hardt

Dr. James Hardt is the Founder of The Biocybernaut Institute and an expert in training with biofeedback. He has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, Michael Jackson, leaders of Microsoft & IBM, and other high-powered executives to elevate states of intelligence and consciousness for over 40 years.

Swami Parameshwar Das Maharaj

Swamiji is a transformational teacher, coach and author. He travels worldwide, holding workshops, coaching sessions, and spiritual gatherings in English and French. He has published six books that include: personal stories and practical lessons from his years with his guru Sai Maa; a workbook for self-transformation; a series of four booklets about the healing power of action, healing power of meditation, reducing stress, and devotion.

Doug Holt

Doug Holt

Doug Holt has over 20 years of high-level coaching and business development experience that he now brings to Biocybernaut as a leader on the team, to help grow the work that Biocybernaut does and to help others thrive.

Michael B. Beckwith

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith launched the Agape International Spiritual Center in 1986, where he remains as founder and spiritual director. He is also known for his extensive community outreach work, much of which focuses on helping people in prison, those who are homeless, and children in need.

Michael B

Frederick Dodson

Consciousness Researcher and Success Coach Frederick Dodson is the author of 37 books on Reality Creation and Levels of Consciousness and has been an international Coach and speaker for the past 30 years.

Zappy Zapolin

Zappy Zapolin is a well-known futurist, psychedelic concierge to the stars, and award-winning filmmaker who is dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness.

Shahab Anari

Shahab Anari

Shahab Anari, MD is a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant, and an international speaker and author who helps his audience build their brand, grow their business, and make more impact. Every year, Shahab speaks at close to 100 sessions on topics of resilience and personal branding (virtually and in-person), where he has shared the stage with legendary speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and Robert Kiyosaki.

What Can You Expect From "The Summit 2.0"?

Dozens of speakers, from spiritual leaders to pioneers of science, will be presenting on myriad subjects pertaining to consciousness. These presentations will be “live” during the Summit, with “breakout” rooms available for live chats, Q&As, and additional presenters.

A few of our specific topics this year include:

…and MANY more!

We expect that The Global Consciousness Summit 2.0 will be a truly life-altering experience for everyone involved, deepening and expanding our consciousness to realize the great change we want to see in the world.

What Do We Mean by an "Online" or "Virtual" Summit?



We mean that if you have an internet connection, then you can attend. 😇


As this is an entirely online event, all speakers and attendees will be participating virtually on social media and on our website.


Some presentations will be seen as a live stream, while others will be available for attendees to watch in their own time – you can think of this as a breakout session or a “second stage”.


No need to travel, buy tickets, or pay for hotels, we bring the experience right to you.

Your access to The Global Consciousness Summit 2.0 is 100% ONLINE and FREE!


Catch every main stage speaker, participate in live Q&As, stream every breakout stage presentation…all from the comforts of home!

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