Meet The Speakers

Dr. James Hardt

Dr. James Hardt

Dr. James Hardt is the Founder of The Biocybernaut Institute and an expert in training with biofeedback. He has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, Michael Jackson, leaders of Microsoft & IBM, and other high-powered executives to elevate states of intelligence and consciousness for over 40 years.

Swami Parameshwar Das Maharaj

Swamiji is a transformational teacher, coach and author. He travels worldwide, holding workshops, coaching sessions, and spiritual gatherings in English and French. He has published six books that include: personal stories and practical lessons from his years with his guru Sai Maa; a workbook for self-transformation; a series of four booklets about the healing power of action, healing power of meditation, reducing stress, and devotion.

Doug Holt

Doug Holt has over 20 years of high-level coaching and business development experience that he brings to bear as a leader at Biocybernaut, to help grow the work that the Institute does and to help others thrive.

Michael B. Beckwith

Dr. Beckwith is a sought-after meditation teacher, conference speaker, and seminar  leader on the Life Visioning ProcessTM. He’s addressed audiences at the UN General  Assembly during its annual World Interfaith Harmony Week, TEDx Maui, and Oprah  Winfrey Network’s (OWN) SuperSoul Sessions, among numerous others. As co-founder and president of the Association for Global New Thought, he hosts  conferences featuring harbingers of world peace including His Holiness the Dalai  Lama, and had the distinguished honor of presenting to Nelson Mandela the Gandhi  King Award. 

Zappy Zapolin

Zappy Zapolin is a well-known futurist, psychedelic concierge to the stars, and award-winning filmmaker who is dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness

Prinz Alfred von Liechtenstein

HSH Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the International Peace Foundation in Vienna. He received his Master Degree in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Vienna where he also studied political science, systems theory, cybernetics, biology, philosophy and artificial intelligence. 

Ana Cristina Mendes Moreira

Ana is the General and Clinical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine and participates, as a speaker, constantly in seminars, colloquiums and lectures, national and international.

Shaun Zetlin

Empower yourself emotionally through exercise. Your new “gym bag” awaits, filled with five Master Mantras and five Emotional Guidance Techniques: the sages of your new journey…

Siegfried Othmer

Siegfried Othmer is Chief Scientist at the EEG Institute, which is organized for the delivery of neurofeedback services and for professional training. Dr. Othmer received his Ph.D. in physics at Cornell University in 1970. He has been active in the development of EEG neurofeedback since 1985, along with his wife Susan, who came to the task with a background in neurobiology as well as physics. Susan serves as Clinical Director. The Othmers were drawn to the field through the epilepsy of their son Brian. After an initial focus on ADHD, their work increasingly encompassed the more serious childhood afflictions such as the autism spectrum and developmental trauma. Another key focus of the work has been on the Anxiety-Depression spectrum, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, substance dependency, and chronic pain in the adult population.

Shahab Anari

Shahab Anari, MD is a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant, and an international speaker and author who helps his audience build their brand, grow their business, and make more impact.

Amy McCann

Amy helps people break free of the barrier of high-level stress and break out of paralyzing inner struggle. This process opens the door to higher-conscious living and innovative thinking in the face of overwhelming circumstances and challenging seasons in life and business. Amy is the author of Persevere to Succeed: A Practical Guide to Ignite the Fire of Success Through Uncertainty. She is a lifelong student, creator, and curious thinker with decades of commitment to personal and professional service. She coaches those seeking to learn and evolve in a manner that builds a better tomorrow.

Frederick Dodson

Consciousness Researcher and Success Coach Frederick Dodson is the author of 37 books on Reality Creation and Levels of Consciousness and has been an international Coach and speaker for the past 30 years.

Samie Al‑Achrafi​

Samie is an award-winning speaker, author and podcaster. He is recognised as one of the world’s leading voices on bringing humanity back to business and creating change through values and culture. In 2020, he authored the bestselling book #Time4Humanity.

Brandee and Damien Sabella

Brandee Sabella is a service-driven entrepreneur, activist, women’s empowerment leader and transformational entertainment artist.

Damien is a service-driven entrepreneur, biohacker, producer, investor, and philanthropist.

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